Northern Cottage Care               

Picture this....

You arrive at your cottage and all you have to do is put your bags inside. Then lie back on your deck lounge, or dive into the soothing waters of your northern getaway.

The whole time you are there you are able to relax, before having to go back to you're fast paced life at home. ( After all it is called a holiday)

What could make this Possible????

If someone had already been there and put your raft in, painted your cottage or deck, recaulked your bathtub, cut your grass, removed the dead tree that fell on your front lawn and got your water going.

No one wants to work on their holiday.

Give us a call!!!

" Northern Cottage Care"

Because we've been there done that!! " For You"

Northern Cottage Care

Some of our services include:

- Spring openings and cleanups

- Fall shutdowns

- Winter Inspections

- Carpentry

- Painting

- Roofing

- Renovations ( interior and exterior)

- Demolition

- Chain saw operation ( removal of problem trees and brush)

- Snow removal from roofs and decks

- Custom outdoor furniture

- Creative ideas ( don't just have and idea, make it happen)

- Security checks

- Licensed installation of propane fireplaces and appliances

- We also have maintenance packages. summer, winter or full year

Call us with your needs today, I'm sure we can help!

Northern Cottage Care




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