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Northern Retreats is a family owned business run right in the middle of muskoka cottage country! We started this cottage rental company in 2000 and have been very successful in offering a well needed service to the cottage owner and the cottage renter. Owning a couple of cottages ourselves we came to a point where we wanted to rent them out and didn't know how to do it. With a little investigation and some hard work we built Northern Retreats. Our company was built on the very basis of trust and respect and we ask that of all of our renters, cottage owners and of course ourselves! Northern Retreats has allowed for us to offer the security that is missing when you purchase a cottage and only use it for a week in the summer, as we are usually only a short distance from the cottage. Our renter's are offered a similar security in knowing that when they have booked with Northern Retreats, there is no way the property will not be available for that time period, nor will they be faced with any false advertising as we are very honest about our properties! It is hard to tell all there is to know about Amy and I but one thing is for sure and that is we really enjoy doing what we do! We are two very out going and determined stay at home mom's who know how important family time is and how sacred the "Family Vacation" is. Taking that into consideration we have spent the past years helping people find just the right spot so they can enjoy what the great north has to offer! We were both brought up in the Muskoka area and then took a chance separately in the big city only to find ourselves back up north.
There is a sky that you don't see on any other part of this earth and there is a sunset that you can feel throughout your entire body that can only happen in the Muskoka area.  It is hard to explain what brings people back but I know there is a mystery about this area and one thing is for sure ~ I'm staying....

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