Little Blue #2 ~ Testimonials

Summer 2016

My wife and I just spent 10 days at the Kingsmill Log House. We are both writers with current projects, and we found the place incredibly conducive to and supportive of our work. The stillness of the cabin, surrounded by woods and facing a shimmering lake, is extraordinary, and one quickly resonates with an inner stillness that settles the mind and heart, clarifies one's thoughts, and creates a wonderful space for words. The cabin itself, as well as the surroundings, are so beautiful, that one feels treated to delights throughout the day, even while working. Highly highly recommended!

Summer 2016

Just letting you know that we had a great time at the cabin. And thanks for telling us about the fireworks, we went and it was one of the best that we have been to. Love the ones that hit the water, we have never seen those before1 Great times. Thanks Heidi.

Good Morning Heidi,

I hope you are well.  It was very kind of you to wait for us and check us in. Thank you for your patience. We really do appreciate that you took out the time to show us around. 
We all had a wonderful relaxing holiday. Till now we talk about it. The secluded property with no cell reception was great. This was exactly what we wanted. The cottage was very spacious and open. The kitchen had everything we needed.
The children from day one all the way through were excited. They wouldn’t go to bed and would be the first to wake up.  My youngest (the same one that got sick twice on our way up) actually started crying when we were leaving and she wouldn’t even get into the car. The kids loved jumping off the dock (with their PFD’s) and paddling out into the lake. Fishing was also nice. The fish were small, but just enjoying catching and releasing them was fine. We also explored some of the hiking trails. We made good use of the watercraft. My eldest child now has the courage to canoe on her own.  We wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and Little Blue Lake was the perfect place for us.
We took plenty of pictures which we will be sharing with our family and friends.

Thank you for your great service. I have bookmarked your website for future holidays. Wish you all the best.


Thanks for your efforts regarding our rental of the "cottage" on Little Blue Lake .  The cottage was enormous (certainly much larger than we expected) and spectacular in it's location!  The views were fantastic, we saw only wildlife: turtles, loons, an occasional otter and so many birds!  To be located on a private lake in such a beautiful environment was more than just a simple retreat, it was an experience we will always remember.  The propane lights and generator were simple and easy to deal with.  The property itself was so very special both inside and outside.  We loved the time we spent there and we will be back!
Robert Keeler

Hi Amy,

We had a great time and loved Little Blue!!  
Thanks for all your efforts arranging the rental.  
We are hopeful of renting this cottage again!  
Are weekend rentals available?  
We are wondering if Thanksgiving weekend is available and what the cost is for both 2 and 3 day weekend rentals?  

 Hi Amy,

 We had an totally amazing time up there. It was a quintessential winter
 wonderland.  It was fantastic to see all the snow, perfect for
 The weather was perfect, lots of  fresh snowfall, followed by nice sunny

 The cottage worked out  well,  the new fireplace looks amazing, you would never know
 that it wasn't always there.  We didn't figure out how to run the fan that
 helps circulate the warm air when the generator is running so we ended up
 chewing through a lot of wood. Heating the place back up, after we had
 been out , or first thing in the morning  took a while.  It is a big place to keep warm!

 Overall we had a fantastic time, I had my family up there (winter vacation Christmas Present)  they all had
 a great time, and were already discussing what we were going to bring up
 for next winters trip!

 I should have a couple of nice pictures, that I'll pass along to you when  I
 get a chance.


Hi Heidi,

 Just wanted to let you know that we had a fantastic time at Little Blue
 over the weekend.
 Even though it was a chilly Friday, we got some great weather, and the
 water was just perfect.
 The cottage itself was amazing. Even though I was a bit concerned with the
 lights/generator, etc., everything was under control.
 It was a very peaceful weekend, and we found it extremely hard to leave

 We tidied up quite a bit before we left, so hopefully the cleaners had an
 easy time after we left!

 Thanks a lot for all your help, we will definitely keep in touch about
 renting again! :-)

 I will forward a picture or 2 so you can see what a great time we had!

Sept 2002

Dear owners of “ The Log House on Little Blue”...

Every morning we awakened to the beautiful cry of a single loon. He/she visited every day and conversed with another on a nearby lake. The window of your master bedrooms is a gorgeous place to see first thing, not to mention the comfort of your bed...we slept extremely well!

What an exceptional place you have here!

The quality log house, the beautiful forest and the extremely live lake. Our little girl was thrilled everyday~ she found frogs, toads, minnows, salamanders and lots of birds. One morning, I saw eight blue jays together. We went for walks every day and walked around the lake. I was careful when I took your beautiful canoe around the lake a few times. I found the approx. 3’ snakeskin just  outside the door, between the 3rd and 4th boulder ( from the left). There’s a hole there where I’m guessing your slippery neighbor resides.

There’s a lot of heart and soul in this place and we thank you very much for letting us share it.

P.S. we didn’t see any bears!

May 2003

This past week has been an unforgettable experience. Your comfortably furnished home has been home to us for one week. Although the weather was cool, and definitely mosquitoes season, we enjoyed relaxing and watching the various species of wildlife. My favorite place to sit was in front of the bay window facing the rock formation on the other side of the lake. From this window along I could see the loon, the one we heard every morning and again at dusk. Also various other birds like a red headed woodpecker, crane, swooping bats, also chipmunks and jumping fish in the lake. We walked around the lake a couple of times and enjoyed the unspoiled nature and beautiful scenery. At night the crickets and frogs took turns singing accompanied by the loon. There has been plenty to do with all of the books, puzzles and various games. Thank you for the privilege of sharing your charming home and ancestry.

P.S. we saw bear poop!


Dear owners,

Thanks you for the nice stay at your cabin. We saw a loon, used the boat and went fishing. We went for walks and saw a wild Turkey, a woodpecker, lots of bugs and some frogs. We enjoyed our stay and mostly waking up to no noise just birds chirping and the loon calling.

July /03

Tranquil, idyllic setting, peaceful and everything one could desire in an escape from the city. The loon visited us several times. We also saw a raccoon. A few grouse, the resident snake and several fireflies. Don’t miss a trip to the dump to see the bears! Especially enjoyed reading about the history of Little Blue ( the large photo album). A very special place, indeed.


What stays with me as I leave:

Little Blue lake, white pines, canoe, tall birches, wood, candles, breath, space and love!


Aaaaaah! What does one say after two weeks in paradise? Thank you so much for opening this “ Labour of Love” to others so that our friends and family could enjoy. The vision the Kingsmill’s had for this place so many years ago has certainly come to life for us. It is truly a place of beauty and tranquility. There are few things on could complain about regarding a place like this. While lounging on the dock ( as we did every day) we tried to come up with what we would do with such a place. We saw the loon, a family of minks, pair of beavers. Lots of king fishers, Great Blue Heron, some snakes, one snapping turtle, wood ducks and lots of perch! The complete darkness at night is amazing, like a black blanket is just dropped over the cabin. The bull frogs sang us to sleep each night and the sun woke us up each morning. Thank you!


4 generation trip – ages ranging from 791/2 to 3 months.

Everybody wrote a little something: One week is definitely not enough! We’re just getting into a routine and things are getting better everyday- coffee, WEATHER!

Kids~ We enjoyed swimming in the deep water...the fire was great! I liked the fishing, we used leeches for bait because we couldn’t find any worms.

A perfect holiday...relaxing on the dock, exploring the woods with children and dogs and  enjoying each other’s company by the light of a fire. It’s hard to leave this beautiful place! Thanks for sharing your lovely cabin with us.

It is so peaceful here, what a difference from being in the city. I took the canoe out every day  and the swimming was so fun with the kids! Weather was perfect!

July /04

What a wonderful place to spend a vacation! So peaceful and tranquil. A beautiful cottage on a magnificent piece of land! There’s no better place to spend quality time with family, with no disturbances ( T.V. or video games). Definitely a place I’d come back to again!

We arrived at approximately 4pm to a bright sunny late afternoon. Heidi was kind enough to show us around the place. Immediately, without unpacking we went to the dock. It is very peaceful. The serenity, quietness is hypnotizing. Friday night, friends joined us for a BBQ, They loved the place so much, they stayed until Sunday. Lots of room for comfortable sleeping. The water is cold, yet we went in everyday. Spent days at the dock and spent evening at the fire pit. We went on nature hikes everyday where we found a turtle shell and a deer skull. On our first trip to the dump we came across the biggest black bear we have every seen. On the next trip to the dump we took the kids to see the bear and they thought it was awesome! The most beautiful thing about this place is it’s privacy and seclusion. This place was built with love and warmth! Many happy thoughts and wishes to you. Again thank you for the memories we have made here they will stay with us forever!


Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful spot with us again. After ten days of watching the leaves turn brilliant. Shades of gold orange and crimson, exploring new trails for hours every day, reading great books by the fire, etc...... We are feeling melancholy to return to “ real life”. It has not helped by the fact that our 2 dogs have been staring at us teary eyed for the last few hours as we’ve prepared to leave! The deck is a wonderful addition, perfect for enjoying the afternoon sun. We look forward to returning to see the new fireplace next year!

Oct 04

What a beautiful place. It was the perfect place to enjoy Thanksgiving with good friends! And if anyone asks – Absolutely- a turkey can be booked in that stove. We had a fantastic dinner followed by some wine and games. Sunday we walked around the lake. The colors are vibrant right now and breathtaking. We also took a leisurely stroll up to the road. Beautiful, stunning, we all hope to be back !


We enjoyed ourselves here so much last year that we just had to come back. The anticipation was greater this time since we knew what we would arrive to. We were Delighted to find a few changes. 1- the beach 2-the frogs seem to be bigger this year. Thank you for helping us unwind.

Aug /05

Thank you for making this beautiful place available to families such as ours. The memories made here truly last a life time, and help us as we reflect on holiday time at Little Blue throughout the year.  Our 4 weeks has flown by. We were happy that all of our children were able to be here at different times, accommodating various work schedules. They all love it! It was lovely to see a deer drinking at the far end of the lake. We missed the beavers this year, but saw some interesting paw prints down on the beach. We appreciate very much the addition on the beach for our younger kids and the piano! For our older kids ( myself included) music rang out from this home every day, and squeals of delight from the beach as the boys caught the frog again. May god bless you and your loved one’s. See you next year!



We are so thankful to return here and so thankful to the Kingsmill’s for sharing their little piece of paradise...along with Amy from Northern Retreats who has always been fabulous. We appreciate the tranquility and taking a break from life. We also look forward to coming back next year.


Wow! What a beautiful piece of paradise! We thoroughly enjoyed everything! Three generations from 33-83 years...thank you for the opportunity of sharing this magical place. We feel blessed for having been here. The only thing that makes leaving bearable is the hope and anticipation of a return visit.


Little blue is a truly enchanting place! 3 families had a great time. The daily visit by the loon was enjoyed. We wish this place many happy visitors over the decades to come!


Another beautiful fall holiday at Little Blue! Special as always. This time we’ve been kept company by a pair of otters and a mink. Feels like we’ve been away from the daily grind for a year. Just what we needed! Hope to return with our family in the winter.


Thanksgiving 06

Great weather, a full moon, nature and freedom! Thank you for sharing this perfections ( were it mine in more than my dreams, I don’t believe I could share- so glad you do!)

Feb 07

We really enjoyed our weekend here. The fresh snow was wonderful and added to the beauty. The fireplace was amazing and kept us nice and toasty warm.

July 07

What a beautiful place you have here. The idea of being in a remote and secluded spot really appealed to us. When we arrived it was better then we had hoped for. The house is wonderful and the lake and bush are great. The first day driving in we had a bear cross the road in front of us and the kids were thrilled as well as us. There was no shortage of wild life to compliment the setting. Our mid morning canoe ride was highlighted by a pair of playing otters. From the dear drinking from the lake to the beaver swimming around our boat while fishing and even the snapping turtle under the dock. The peacefulness and the beauty is hard to leave. Our kids had a great time fishing and swimming. They love the outdoors and except when it rained they were outside. The charm and beauty of this place will not be forgotten!

July 07

We are having a lovely relaxing time here in your beautiful cottage with Gods wonderful creation all around. The lake is great for swimming, the path around the lake treats us to great large trees and lovely ferns, grasses and flowers underfoot. We have spent many summers canoeing in Algonquin park and we feel this is a bit of Algonquin park right here. A perfect vacation spot!

Aug 08

As we are leaving tomorrow, I finally sit down to reflect on the past week. What  a history, of family, of land, of legacy! Amazing place...thank you for this place and I thank you more for the raw personal ambience with records and photo’s.

Aug 08

What a wonderful week of swimming, hiking, canoeing, kayaking and the great feeling of peacefulness and completeness that comes from spending quality time with family and friends. A great retreat for sure. Beautiful cottage- the Kingsmill’s are truly blessed this property! Thank you for the opportunity- can’t wait to do it again!

Sept 08

What a beautiful place. The quiet, the stars and the lake...everything. We loved it.