Buck Lake #31 ~ Testimonials

Thanks so much for a spectacular week at Cottage #31. It has a terrific lay out with tonnes of space for the kids and adults alike. What a luxury to have two floors and even better...two bathrooms!! The beach is great, the water warm and the week offered us everything we could ask for: sun, sand and lots and lots of fun.
We can't wait to return to Buck Lake
The Perkins
Summer 2010

Hi Amy,
I just want to thank you for getting in touch with the owners in such short notice, and for booking everything for us in time. The cottage was better then I could have imagined, and I wish I never left haha.
I have some of those pictures you asked for, I don't have the Walleye picture right now, but he was 18 inches and maybe a pound or so, and I caught him right off the dock. The first two pike were 20 inches and a few pounds, and I caught them on the other side of the island near shore, and the last one you saw was 28 inches and probably 6-7 pounds, and he was right off that rock wall you were talking about.
We did our best to make sure we left the cottage the way it was when we got there, we just ended up bringing the garbage with us and taking it to our local dump so it wasn't too big a deal.  I'll send you another email later on just so you know the cheque made it.
Again thank you very much for everything, it was a pleasure meeting you and hopefully I'll be renting a cottage in the near future and we'll meet again.
Spring 2010


 We had wonderful time at the cottage.  The arrangement was better than expected.

 We lost power the night of the last day we were there.  The father of the owner of the cottage showed up early in the morning and got a generator going for us.  Big surprise!  Could you please pass on an additional thank you to him?

 We accidentally packed a cribbage board with our belongings.  Do we send it back to you so you can give it to the owner?  We had an eight year old with us and she must have put it in without our knowledge.

 During the week, what was important and what was not important to us became more obvious.  

  1. The sandy beach was not necessary.  The three children were swimming better than expected.  The neighbours were also renting and did not swim.  They told us to feel free to use the pontoon raft they had in front of their cottage.  We did.  For next year, something to swim out to and jump off from is a necessity.  Whatever cottage we rent, we will be looking for such a platform either to be there or conveniently available to rent.
  1. The separate area in the cottage for the children and for the adults was wonderful.
  1. The degree of sound insulation between the rooms was very good.
  1. We can live with the weeds in the water and the mucky bottom if the water was deeper off the dock, that would solve this.
  1. Fishing is a bonus.  Walleyed pike is difficult to catch if you do not know the lake.  Most of the small fish had been eaten when the lake was stocked with walleye.  The kids did catch and release a few bass.  We would need to be able to rent a boat with a motor.
  1. The covered porch was great.  It was nice to be able to sit outside without the sun beaming down upon you.
  1. We spent a number of evenings around the fire pit.
  1. Since there was no air conditioning, the number of fans supplied was more than adequate.
  1. The distance between the cottages was sufficient.  Any closer would have the potential to carry noise.
  1.  Some lakes are crowded with lots of high speed boats Buck Lake is not.  This is good.
  1. The paddle boat was used extensively.  If one is not provided, we definitely would want one available to rent.
  1. A canoe was rented and used.  It was not essential.

This does not mean we would not rent the same cottage again.  The only thing would be that we would have to figure out some arrangement to get an anchored floating platform if the owners have not put one out.

On the other hand, maybe there is a cottage that you think we would enjoy even more.

Thanks for arranging a wonderful week.


Hi Amy,

 I just wanted to thank you for the cottage rental.  We had a great time!



I would simply like to express our deep appreciation for the excellent service offered by Northern Retreats this summer.
It was our first experience using your expertise and reservation office, and we were very satisfied with the cottages that we rented: clean, situated exactly as described, and offering all the amenities promised.
Instructions to get tot he cottages were clear, and all of the administrative arrangements were straightforward and easy to understand.
We found your approach to be extremely helpful and attentive, particularly appreciated your energetic follow up to help us when we left behind some clothing.
All in all, I would like to congratulate you for work well done, and look forward to another opportunity to rent through you in the near future.
Wishing you all of the best,
Ted Whiteside
P.S. I received the clothes.