Buck Lake #10 ~ Testimonials

Good afternoon Heidi.
Just wanted to say that my family and I enjoyed our stay at that wonderful cottage on Buck Lake. Everything we needed was provided and the cottage was very clean and bright. The extra room the Bunkie gave us was well appreciated as was the fantastic screened in sun room. Although the weather never co-operated with us we still found things to do (fishing, dinner on the water front in Huntsville and of course shopping for the girls). I marked a lot of fish on my fish finder but only had a few takers (mostly pike) due to a cold front. The beach was great for my grandson. Once again we had a very relaxing stay and would recommend a stay at #10 Buck Lake.
Summer 2014 

Hi Heidi!

I've been meaning to sit down and write this email since we got back from Buck Late and I'm just finally getting around to it.
Just wanted to let you know our family had a great time and really loved the cottage.  The property was beautiful and we had so much fun enjoying the big yard and waterfront. The whole family and our friends that joined us for a few days really loved the lake.  The shallow water made it perfect for the kids and it was nice and quiet too.  The kids also spent hours playing in the huge 'sand box' area. The neighbours Daisy and Grace were lovely and my 2 girls really took a liking to them.
Thank you for recommending this cottage, although it was different from the other one we've rented, it had all the same features we were looking for and we would definitely be interested in renting this cottage again.
Thanks again!
Rachael MacCalman
Summer 2013

Hi Amy,

Finally have a few minutes to send an email after unpacking, etc. The cottage was absolutely amazing! The air is so fresh and it's so beautiful and quiet. Even if it was hot during the day, it cooled off nice at night and you could sleep with the windows open and not hear a sound. I already miss it!!!!

The size of the lot was great to maybe throw a frisbee or run around with the dog. I can't say enough about the beach. Not a lot of cottages have a beach, and this one was great. You can lie in the sun after going in the water, or build sand castles:) It was also great that the water was shallow entry. You could just walk in right from the beach or the dock, and the water was lovely and clear. The dock was also a nice size; more than 1 more person can be on there without thinking you might be knocked off LOL.

My brother and family loved the cottage also. My nieces were constantly in the water and we LOVED jumping off the raft. They also loved the beach for playing in the sand. There was a mama duck and her five babies swimming by every day, so it was nice to see more of nature.
The actual cottage itself is so beautiful. The "love shack" has been updated enough to make it clean and bright looking, but definately still has the cottage feel. I actually like how Pam and Gerry changed the layout of the furniture. The website showed the dining room furniture over by the side entrance, but I think it is definately better over the other end. There is always more traffic going to the table or around it to the bathroom.

So the whole family misses everything...it was a sad day today. My brother left a gift for Pam and Gerry. He had a wooden "Poker" box with 2 sets of cards that he left on the big bench by the dining table. He wrote inside today's date and a thank you for staying at their cottage, from the Burchell and Morris families.

This is a long email, but I definately wanted to let you know what we thought of our stay. I also need to mention a couple of things: the plastic shed that has lawn games, water toys, etc., had some damaged items when we opened it. When it was opened, everything was just squished inside. The lawn games were okay up on the small wooden shelves, however the water stuff was not. We found 2 purple and yellow items that looked like they were for the water, and underneath those were buried some other water stuff. We found an air pump in there and after pumping up the 2 water items (purple and yellow), we put them in the water, however they immediately deflated. When we took them out, they both had holes in them, like they had been cut.  Needless to say, everything except the the sand toys were put back in the shed. We also left out the bocce ball set (at least that's what I think it was), as it was already hard to fit everything in there. The set is currently sitting in the laundry room.

I don't know if the cottage was rented prior to us, however these items were found in that condition when we opened the shed. I have attached a picture of what the shed looked like when we opened it. I don't know if it's a good idea to have all those items "stuffed" in the shed.

I could probably say tons of things about the cottage, but I think I let you know how wonderful it was. I'm sitting in my air conditioned house and I hate it. I want the clean, wonderful Huntsville air, and the beach and water.

Please tell Pam and Gerry that we loved their "love shack"!! We could tell that they have put a lot of love into it.

Thank you Amy for everything. We will look at renting again for 2013!!!!!

Lisa Burchell and family. Summer 2012

Hi Heidi
Just a quick note to let you know that we all had a great time at the cottage.  The weather cooperated for the most part and we got plenty of sun, and some good wind for a little sailing.  Buck Lake is sure a sleepy one!--not much boat traffic which we enjoyed!
Please pass on our thanks to Pam and Gerry.
Two small juice glasses were broken.  Our apologies.
Thanks, Heidi, for making the rental of this cottage easy .

We all enjoyed our time in cottage country!
We like the cottage very much and let's talk 
fishing - pretty darn good, considering how little we got out. I 
didn't really expect to come home with our limit of Pic's. But we did. 
Got a few big mean Pike also. One torn half the hooks off my lure, and 
near shreaded the net. Not bad for a first time on a new lake.
Overall, it was a great vacation the kids had a great time on the 
lake, in the sand, smores and wieners by the camp fire and the adults 
just time chilln'. Hoping to do it again next year :)
Summer 2009

      "we had a fantastic time at this little piece of paradise in the

Muskokas! The setting is serene with a clear view of the entire lake &

Canadian Shield in all directions. The cottage is spacious, cozy and

in mint condition; it is also nicely decorated and has every modern

amenity you will ever need. It does not get better than this if you

are looking for a perfect retreat in the Muskokas!"


Sincerely, Sean

August 2008

Dear Pam and Gerry,

What a wonderful spot you have here!  We had a great vacation.  It did rain ALOT and I would say the lake has come up by about 5 inches, and the pedal boat seems to have taken on some water.  Also, the string on the blind in the back bedroom was cut by mistake-please let us know the cost of this.  We did use our calling card to make long distance calls, except we did *69 one or two times.

Thanks so much!

Keith, Nancy, Amy August 2008

Dear Pam and Gerry,

Thank you for sharing this great spot !!  My family and I had a really fabulous time!  the weather wasn't really great and we didn't see any bears.  We would love to come back next summer perhaps for two weeks instead.

Thanks so much,

Vanessa, Paul, Felicity and Aislinn and our dog Suzie (Woof, Woof)

August 2009

Dear Pam and Gerry,

Thank you so much for letting us rent your lovely cottage.

The location and beach are fantastic!  Very quiet and peaceful.

Just a few points to mention...The recycle bin was full when we arrived and garbage bag full.  There was also large pieces of wood in the fire pit, they look like cedar rails. Two air mattresses were left in the garden and we folded them up an dup them in the rubber maid shed.

I am so sorry a wine glass broke while I was drying it.  So I went and bought two glasses, since they don't match the original one I broke, I figured at least this way you would have two matching ones instead of one oddball.

We put some ant traps in the kitchen.

We left a jug of water in the cooler and filled up propane for BBQ.  I did have to use your last TBSP of olive oil, so I bought you a new one.  Sorry its not the same brand.

We really enjoyed our stay! Awesome Place!

Diane and Blake ~ July 2008

The cottage was really pretty and nice, we really loved it! ~ Daisy

Loved it! The Buddha heads are cool too! ~ Hali

We made sand sculptures on the beach, they're pretty pro.  The cottage was so cool..  I hope we can come back next year.  I had so much FUN! ~ Sarolie Victoria Morgan

Perfect! ~Josh

Shadow loved it too!

Dear Pam and Gerry,

We had a wonderful time in this very special place.  
Many Thanks,
Shawna and Paul ~ July 2008

Dear Pam and Gerry,

Us renters would like to thank you for providing such  a beautiful cottage for us to rent.  Although the weather was not exactly what we had hoped for, we still had a great time!
Hopefully we will be able to rent from you guys again in the near future.
We tried our best to leave the place as tidy as we found it!  Unfortunately two wine glasses and a glass lamp in the bedroom by the bathroom have accidentally been broken. Please take this out of the security deposit.  We apologize for this mishap.
We have left some extra groceries, products and condiments here.
Again Thank you for your hospitality, it has been a pleasure.

Great cottage, nice area, friendly neighbours and a quiet setting.  Thanks for allowing us to use your utilities as well!

Susan, Jenny, Lyn, Cheryl, John, and Jaden